Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Queen

Every year at the COM New Year's Party, we award a king and queen based on the top five things that happened to them the past year. Everyone submits a ballot, then we vote, and a coronation happens just after midnight. Sounds silly, but it's way fun and a great way to reflect on what has happened in the past year.

I almost didn't submit a ballot this year, I thought as the host I'd help facilitate the voting. But my lovely husband made me enter, and I ended up becoming the queen.

Here were the Top 5 things I wrote on my card:

1. I made it through a year of support raising
2. I watched a live birth and had no pain
3. I modeled for a calendar
4. I took up hiking and kickboxing
5. I started a church

Last year was a wild ride. I knew 2008 would be exciting, challenging, busy, fun, hard, and so many other things - but it turned out to be so much more. About a month ago I would have coughed up the year to be 'really friggin hard' - but after a last month and some time of reflection, I would now cough up the year to be 'extremely exciting, hard and full of change.'

This year I actually became a frequent exerciser. I got back on track with quiet times. I met with a few girls each week and finished two Beth Moore studies. I maintained past friendships and built new. I hiked two mountains on opposite ends of the country and read over 10 books this year. I modeled for a calendar, traveled all across the US, helped start up an organization and dove into ministry.

There were plenty of things that were less than exciting, trying and really exhausting - but God's taught me the lesson that I wouldn't have these victories without the challenges that come with them.
I could have avoided the hard times, but it would not have brought me the good. Sometimes the good things will come after the risk is taken. I have learned that when I sit on the bench and play it safe, I'll be left with a boring game.