Monday, December 29, 2008

This Old House

Here at the Corner of Monroe, we've had some great times. Being in the old house on the corner has been fun for several reasons. We enjoy the several people who drive by and honk, we like having a large basement that works for worship practice, and mostly we love having the room to host our life group and an annual New Years Party.

But, with every fun thing comes its counterpart. We can't figure out where the mice are coming in, and are not happy that they've made the nooks and crannies of our house a small mouse maternity ward. We can't seem to get grass to grow in the back (and we do lock up the dogs now), and today we had to pay a guy $125 to snake our plumbing ... again.

I remember when we first moved into this place, I heard a short devotional on the radio talking about old houses and the history they have as I stripped off two layers of nasty kitchen wallpaper and painted the walls a light lime green. What stood out to me about the message was to think back and try to just imagine what has happened in the place before you.

I can't even imagine everything this old house has seen. It was built in the late 1920s, so it could probably compete with anyone's precious old grandma's stories about the 'good old days.' It's seen the Great Depression, several world wars, presidents, social movements, recessions and more depressions, and so much more. It's gotten central heat, a new bathroom, electricity, remodeled kitchen, cable, and other enhancements since it was born.

As a new year approaches and this 80 year old house sees yet another year come, may she continue to keep us warm, sheltered and entertained. And may we learn from her as we keep standing in a scary economic time, adapt to changes and improvements, and realize the times when we need a fix and have the prayer and humility to do it.