Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Working From Home

1) I worked in my pajamas until 11:00 this morning.
2) No lost time in commuting, I can get straight to work.
3) I can master multi-tasking by eating breakfast, feeding the dogs and reading emails all in a few minutes.
4) I can play music as loud as I want.
5) I get to hang out with our dogs all day.

1) I was working in my pajamas until 11:00 this morning.
2) What's work and what's not work?
3) My dining room table is also my desk at the moment.
4) I keep finding home improvements to do.
5) Dogs just aren't the same as co-workers.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Dundee

Last night I celebrated the return of NBC's show "The Office" at the Burns' The Office is Back Party where I played many fun office games and won a Dundee for having one of the best costumes.

Me as Pam on Diversity Day

The party was way fun. I would definitely do it again. That's what she said.
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Here are a few more pics of the party guests and hosts , and some fellow Dundee winners.....

Danny as Michael Scott

Emily as Karen on Sales Call Day

Ashley as Angela on the day of the big race

Billy as 3-hole punch Jim

Jill as Dwight. Every great party needs a Dwight.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A handy trunk organizer

I've seen cash, blenders and autographed baseballs. But the North American Savings Bank has gone above and beyond in the world of desperately trying to get new checking accounts by offering a FREE trunk organizer. What a deal.

These days, us marketers are scrambling for the latest, greatest and most nitch thing we can think of in order to get people to give us a chance. I admit, I did it with jumper cables at my dad's office. I was thinking "maybe THIS will be the grand hook that turns heads, gets our office noticed, and gets people into the door. Maybe jumper cables are the key to getting people to see just how genuine we are, and how much we really do care and want to help with insurance!" It hasn't worked - yet. But I'm still trying.

But what happens when I think about how to market the church? What if we offered FREE Bibles, coffee, or bobble-head Jesus figurines? What if everyone who came to our new church left with a t-shirt, a CD of the worship team or a neat poster to hang on their wall?

That would be really great, and maybe even put us on the list of "cool churches" - but unfortunately we'd be missing the point. Sure those ideas are useful in small doses, but you have to look at the meaning behind it. Where's the relationship, where's the quality in what you're offering, and how is it going to change a life? Peter Drucker says "The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him (or her) and sells itself." I think that the church most definitely has a product or service that can hit any person who comes through our door, and sell HIM-self. My job as a church marketer is to help know the person, and give others inside our church tools to do the same.

We sell Jesus. Actually we don't sell him, He's FREE. And he's absolutely enough to get people to come through the door. We make relationships, we invite people to know Him like we do, and He'll do the rest. He's the best thing we can offer them. He's the best thing they can leave with.

So sorry, we won't be offering a trunk organizer this year.

Monday, April 7, 2008

One Girl Army

It's interesting to be a woman in the ministry, and especially a woman who does not focus on children or other womens ministries. It's a unique calling, one that makes me think that I'll be kicking back with Nehemiah or Esther one day in Heaven over frozen fruity drinks and telling stories about how God called us to something we had never seen happen before.

Here's a glimpse of what I've learned so far as a woman called into the ministry to help start a new church, yet not primarily focus on children or women, and raise my own support:

1) Pray a lot. Pray for patience, vision and the strength to keep going even when I'm not sure where to go next. Or- when I've forgotten why I'm in this spot in the first place. God has called me here, hang on to that and just keep running.

2) Rest. Yeah, I suck at this, but I'm learning more and more why God rested on the Sabbath. You get tired, sick, not fun to be around and those dark circles under your eyes when you don't. And yeah, even if at age 24, I can't hide from those dark circles. So rest up.

3) Ask. I can't do this by myself - I've been trying but it's not working so well. God's teaching me each day to ask for my needs and my wants. It starts with asking Him first, and then other people.
I need help from others to do my job with excellence.
I need help financially as Mike and I step out more and more in faith and rely on support. (I'm asking everyone who reads this and feels God nudging them to help to email me. I'll give you details. Ahh that was hard, but I've put it into practice!)
We need friends to hang out with us, and to call and check in.
I need humility and patience as time goes on.
We need God to put an amazing and anticipated musical opportunity in Mike's path that allows him to fulfill his calling and rock his heart out.
And I need to ask other friends how they are doing.
I need time to be still, listen and know that God is most definitely up to something and going to provide.