Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Debut

So I thought it was time to make my debut on the Burgess blog. My hope is that the overarching theme of Corner of Monroe is Mike and I living radically for God, following his call, and sharing with you about where that leads us.

It's only fitting that my first post be about the vision God's put before our heart, and where that's leading us right now. As our small group could attest, for several months now I've been asking for prayers about my vision. Mike began listening to Mark Driscoll's sermons on Nehemiah, and soon I began listening too. The book of Nehemiah is about a man who gave up everything, moved back home, began to rally people under one purpose (which happened to be a wall), underwent a lot of criticism, and led God's people to the place where He intended for them to be. He was gutsy, he was bold, and he's become a huge influence in our lives.

Following his lead, Mike and I too began a season of praying about our mission and God's begun to show us many things. One of the largest being that I was not kept here on this earth to work in the advertising business.

As much as I love my job and especially my co-workers, God has very much revealed to me that I need to follow the nagging feeling inside of me that I was made for ministry. While theoretically staying at my job would not be "wrong," deep inside I know I need to give it up in order to keep growing and become who I was made to be.

I planned to tell my boss I would not be returning in January on a Tuesday morning, which happened to be the morning of our staff meeting. I received an interesting curve ball when in the middle of our staff meeting - I was promoted. I wasn't expecting that, and soon feelings of guilt and fear for leaving sank in. I felt so horrible about telling them I was going to leave, but in the end, I'd rather have Jesus, so I went through with it and told my boss the next day. Everything went smoothly and the peace that came afterward was worth every bit of worry.

God is so big, and I've learned that he can't wait to show us how big he is. He's already worked out a new job for me - at Dan Ripley State Farm! My dad had a staff member leave this fall, and needs someone to do marketing and communications for him. So, soon I will complete the circle and all four of my immediate family members will have worked for State Farm. And honestly - I cannot wait to work with my dad. The daddy's girl inside of me is jumping up and down that I'll be able to spend more time with him again. Plus, he has really good mints at his office.

And for those of you that are still like now wait Danielle, what about the ministry thing ... stay tuned! There are some things in the works that are too early to communicate, and I have an exciting feeling there are even more things in the horizon that I don't even see yet.