Monday, January 25, 2010

This Blog Is Dusty

Hello to all of our Corner of Monroe readers!

I'm sorry we've been away from this blog for so long. I actually started a new blog a few months ago that has been getting more attention from me these days. It's a blog all about my life as a 26-year-old, two-time colon cancer survivor. It's full of everything - colon, with a lot of info about organic foods and surviving cancer thrown in there too. If you haven't seen it, check it out at:

Mike & I are doing well in 2010! We're enjoying life and excited to hit our FIVE year wedding anniversary this upcoming May! We're keeping busy with church and work. This is Mike's last week of coaching basketball and then he will be done with sports for the year! We're both still serving with The Avenue and feel called to church planting. My health is good, I'm feeling excellent and back to having even more energy than I did this time last year!

Thank you for the many prayers and your friendship. We encourage you to check out the new blog for more periodic updates. In addition, let us know if you'd like to receive our monthly newsletter that we send out about life, ministry, and other random happenings!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Second Surgery

This summer, I had two surgeries. I was scheduled for one, but after a few weeks of complications, doctors went back in for a second surgery to patch adhesions and fix issues that were not allowing my GI track to work. After the second surgery, my GI track worked again. I was on the road to recovery. I got well.

Sometimes life hands us issues that require a second, third or even fourth, time of healing and processing. To get past the initial shock or disappointment of a struggle, often we do whatever we need to heal and get well. We process it, talk it out, maybe learn a lesson or two, and move on.

But sometimes there's more to it that will come later, and we have to be ready for that. We must be ready to tackle "part two" when it comes to working through struggles life has presented us. Sometimes they're finished at "part one," but I've learned they rarely are. There's more to unpack, more to learn, and more to grow in.

Part of what they did this summer in my second surgery was fix problems created from an operation I had eight years ago. I didn't expect that, but was glad doctors went ahead and had the second surgery to fix the problems so I would finally heal.

Issues from years ago will try to sneak up on us, lies we've pushed down will pose as truths again. But we must anticipate this, and be ready to fight off the unhealth whenever it strikes. We must strive to truly heal and transform, no matter how many surgeries it takes. I believe that is the only way we will ever get well.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bookshelf Review

I'm really into books these days. I guess I was quite the reader when I was a kid, and that love is resurfacing again. Let's hope the love for books comes back and the shy, scared-of-people thing stays away for good.

Anyway, here are some books I've finished recently and my two cents:

Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin
This is an older book from the early 1960s, but one that I'd always wanted to read. My interest was first sparked by Boy Meets World where they took the idea of the book and turned it into a 30 min. episode. I've been especially intrigued as we've considered interracial adoption as an option for us in the future. I enjoyed this book, and the perspective it gave for what race relations were like before the Civil Rights Movement. It was eye opening to read what it was like 50 years ago and see how far we've come as an American people, yet convicting at the same time that there is still work to be done, and wounds to heal. The book has a very To Kill A Mockingbird feel to it which is to truly know and understand someone, put yourself in their shoes. I'd recommend the book for someone interested in cultural issues, and especially anyone wondering why having Obama in office is such a big deal.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Oh man. So I've seen this 400-paged book floating around several of my girlfriend's bookshelves for many years and finally had the opportunity to go through it with my friend Ashley. I am not typically a fiction reader, but I had to give this highly esteemed and popular book a shot. And I was so glad I did. This book tells the story of Michael Hosea and his new bride Angel, a prostitute he was led to marry upon seeing her walk down the street. The story parallels the Bible book Hosea, as well as the heart of Jesus toward us. I can't rave enough about this book. I didn't expect a long, fiction piece to give me new insights into how much Christ loves us and the role of husbands and wives. Definitely a must-read for any married lady out there, anyone struggling with their past sins, or anyone who's struggled with unforgiveness. I guarantee that it's good.

An UnHealthy Truth by Robin O'Brien
I will keep this short because this book, and the things I've taken away, deserves it's own post. But wow - what an eye opener. O'Brien has been called the Erin Brocovich of the food industry and thank goodness she's out there. A mom who got passionate about what's in our food after her youngest kid flared up with a major food allergy, she dives into what's really in our food and ends up uncovering corruption, greed and other misleading practices by many of our food producers, corporations and government agencies. This book has been a fantastic step toward eating a healthier diet in our household. We've finally cut out the majority of our junk food and made a big step in eating healthier. I'd recommend this book to ANY PARENT of young kiddos, and anyone who just can't seem to eat healthy, although you know you should. This was the final nail in our household's coffin that got us to really start watching what we eat (well, at least most days.) It even sparked our interst in local food and helped us uncover this awesome, local grocery delivery company.

So that's it for me! I've got new books in queue, and reviews to shortly after!

Anyone else have some good reads they've stumbled across lately? Let's hear 'em!

Friday, October 16, 2009

One of those Weeks

Ahh... well, it's been one of those weeks.

One of those weeks where I thought life would be slower, but it just seemed to speed up.

A week that I tried my best to have the clarity and joy outweigh the sadness and grief that come with working in ministry.

A week where although I HATE encores, I found myself inwardly chanting "ONE MORE SONG" with the rest of the crowd at my favorite band's concert.

A week where I felt the enemy sitting on my shoulder, yet the presence of a bigger and more powerful God kicking him off, over and over.

A week where I expected to drop by, and instead was invited in.

A week of new revelations and new food. (I'm trying to eat more organic.)

A week where I've had a glimpse at how great Heaven is really going to be.

A week where the thought of living there forever doesn't sound so bad after all.